Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Agrarian effort

We have 3 chickens in a ghetto style chicken coup in the yard. They are almost two years old, and keep us in brown eggs. (My daughter sells some to the neighbors, too)

This egg looks like it took some extra effort! (note the ridges on the end)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Why my eyebrows are so dang cute

In high school some rude boy asked me if my eyebrows were penciled in. I was mortified, and, being a shy type gal, didn't really know what to say. Being older and wiser now, I know how it happened that I came to be blessed with my 'abundant' eyebrows. This is how it happened:
I was in heaven, standing in line, getting everything I'd need to head down to earth, and happened to be behind Brooke Shields in the eyebrow line. As she left, with her new eyebrows in place, everyone ooo-ed and aah-ed at how beautiful she was, now. Aha! I thought, and so I asked for twice as much eyebrows as her.