Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cake Wrecks

So, if you've already seen 'CakeWrecks', this won't be new to you. One of my daughters told me about it, and it really is funny. (or just another thing to waste time looking up on the 'net, depending on your POV)

But worth checking out. This is one of many cool/funny/hilarious cakes:

yee ha!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - April 2009

I haven't participated in GBBD for a while, but it is fun to be back in the groove.

Spring is slow to arrive at our zone 5 , 5,000 ft altitude garden in Utah, but we have daffodils blooming, crocuses, the ornamental cherry is almost ready to wow us.

Today I just want to show two new plants - a pink and a white violet that I got starts of from a kind neighbor .

I had no idea violets came in pink. And, yes, thanks for asking; I AM tickled pink

to have this little beauty in my garden!

Next is the white violet, just one bloom to show today.

Still, a special thrill. I've loved these white violets for a long time, and am so happy to have some!

These are the good old reliables, an impossible shade of blue/purple that I really never get tired of.

(Did you know it was also Irritate People w/ Prepositions Day????)

A church yard nearby has a hill with lots of the bluey-purpley ones.

Just a closeup here.

Happy Spring!

Happy GBBD!

Be sure to go to May Dreams Gardens, the home of GBBD.