Monday, September 27, 2010

Zucchini- the endlessly versatile veggie!

I missed National Sneak a Zucchini on your Neighbor's Porch
day - which was August 8th.
(We won't talk about the last several months I've 'missed' on this blog, either.
The excuses are lame and the reality
....Farmville addiction ??!! is too embarrassing for words.)

But I digress. I enjoyed a recent story about a brave woman from Montana who defended her home, and saved her dog, with the most humble of vegetables, yes,
you guessed it, an overgrown zucchini !

yes, this is THE zucchini used to fight off a bear!

"She kicked the bear with her left leg as hard as she could, and she said she felt like she caught it pretty solidly under the chin," Maricelli said.

But as she kicked, the bruin swiped at her leg with its paw and ripped her jeans.

The bear then turned its full attention to the woman in the doorway. She retreated into the house and tried to close the door, but the bear stuck its head and part of a shoulder through the doorway.

The woman held onto the door with her right hand. With her left, she reached behind and grabbed a 14-inch zucchini that she had picked from her garden earlier and was sitting on the kitchen counter, Maricelli said.

She threw the vegetable. It bopped the bruin on the top of its head and the animal fled, Maricelli said.


Now that is one brave woman, to be sure.

But one shudders to think what would have happened if she hadn't grown zucchini that year. :)