Saturday, February 25, 2006

Garden Bed and coordinating joke

first, the joke:
The ship was sinking, so the man had to swim for his life. After a long swim, he made it to an island, and collapsed on the shore. As he woke up the next morning, glad to be alive, he started noticing that things were - unusual. The sky was an unusual dark purple color. The sea, also, a dark purple color. Even the sand below his feet was a dark purple color. 'How odd' he thought, and then he noticed that his arms were turning this same color. "Help," he shouted, "I've been marooned!"

I started my own 'marooned' flower bed . Need to put a little 'help' sign in there, too.


Emily said...

what a BEAUTIFUL picture!!! and you figured out how to put it on! i'm impressed. :) love

Spencer said...

I love the joke! keep them coming...