Sunday, September 17, 2006

Navy Blue memories

Well, I love most colors, but two are my least favorite, orange and navy blue. I suppose this will sound whiny, but I don't like navy blue because I look lousy in that color, and I wore it a lot as a child. My mother was into simplified shopping, and I went to school 'back in the day' when girls wore dresses to school, no pants allowed. Bottom line, here, is that she picked clothes for us that were the same style, but my sister's were red, and mine were ... you guessed it .. navy blue.. dull , flat, boring, dark navy blue. I can remember envying my sisters bright outfits, compared to mine. As an adult, I have seen people wearing n. blue that is cute, flattering, but I still can't deal with it for myself. And don't get me started on orange. blech........

Anybody else out there have a color they hate?

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Emily said...

i also hate orange. there are times when it looks pretty to me (like a melony orange, or the orange in your header), but usually it reminds me of construction workers. :)