Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's Wednesday --You found WHAT? at W-mart??

I always like to check out the gardening section in the summer - you never know what you will find.
Today, I found a deal - play sand for $2.23, how much? I don't know, but very heavy, 30 lbs or so? That is not a bad deal, but they had seriously marked down a novelty item that I had seen earlier, priced at $13 per bag -
hold onto your hats........
Put out by Crayola, it is just the kind of fun you want your grandkids to have, right?
(or maybe you would be tempted, yourself, to play with blue or pink or green or yellow sand)
The first time I saw this stuff, I wanted it. Now, it is less than half price. Tempting..
Have you found any deals, lately? I love a good deal. Let me know in comments if you are playing along this week.. what have you seen when you have been out and about, using your $4 gasoline to pick up your milk?

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