Monday, May 18, 2009


My mini-irises are still blooming, and I am
anticipating with great happiness my 'regular' irises,
which are preparing to bloom - soon!!!
I am anxious to see several new varieties, as well as the old favorites.
Next week will be Iris week, I think. I plan to post a new iris pic every day,
just 'cause they are sooo lovely. Please join me if you like, let me know in comments if you have some irises to show.


tina said...

Hi there! This is a lovely bud and such a NICE picture. I see you really do love irises. The one on your Bloom Day is stunning. I also like that cake-it sure looks like the real thing! You take care and happy gardening!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

A man in our ward, an EDUCATED man, thinks Iris are common and not worthy. I think he is uneducated in all the proper things in life. Iris are a beautiful plant that will take abuse--like someone not watering them--cough, cough--and give back beautiful blooms anyway.

I am excited to see all your beauties.

Jamie and Randy said...

Thanks for the visit, I just iris and I sure your's are going to be just gorgeous!--Randy

Avis said...

Anticipation is one of the great gifts our gardens can provide. Every time I see a new sprout I get that tingle. Can't wait to see your daily iris photo updates. Cheers!

donna said...

I must be the only gardener in the world w/o an iris. After seeing so many lovely iris blooms on so many blogs, I'm tempted. I'll check out your iris photo updates.