Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Musings at Wal-mart

The stars aligned for me today. I was at Wal-mart. I had my camera in my purse (thanks again, Em!). And, I had to use the bathroom. I appreciate a clean bathroom, and one that smells clean, as well. Some time ago my local W-mart 'redecorated' their bathrooms. I don't know why. So- here is one of those 'new' plastic de-cals on the wall. Looks good. NBD* (no big deal, right?) 
Not content with this simple style statement, they added inspirational messages:

 I'd have been ok with something that said, " throw your towels in the garbage can" or "don't be a slob" 
but the person that was hired to decorate THIS Wal-mart bathroom had other ideas: "Life is about making memories." Admittedly, the sign is stylin'. Love the font. but... hmm. odd message for the bathroom, I'd say.
 This is the one that really cracks me up, though: "Love is the beauty of the soul"???? whaaa?
That doesn't really make any sense. I am imagining the manufacturer just decided to use the words: 'love,' 'beauty,' and 'soul' to make a nice looking sign. We could mix it up and it would make just as much sense. Try it with me, now:
"Beauty is the soul of love"... "Love is the soul of beauty?" .. you get the idea. Give me a few of your less meaningful sayings. Maybe we can sell them to Wal-mart!!! 

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