Sunday, July 09, 2006

hookay! five things:

five things in my closet: some really cute suits I love to wear, a box of hats I rarely wear, a box of gifts to give, clothes I've worn but hung up to wear again before I wash them(gross, huh?), a roll or two of wrapping paper.

five things in my frig: leftovers of various and sundry meals, dijon mustard remnants , too small of an amount to use, two boxes of eggs (store bought, thanks to our on strike chickens!), seedless watermelon, yum!, and four different types of jam/jelly.

five things in my car: a music stand, a back massaging seat cushion, three half empty bottles of water, an almost empty bottle of diet coke, and? dust.

five things in my purse: only change after paying short cakes her allowance today, lipstick, tic tacs, business cards, a coupon folder, and other boring and usual stuff.

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