Monday, April 16, 2007

The Renegade Moms of Funk

Well, finally I have a great nickname to go with my rock band personna - I haven't mentioned the great band I'm in, have I? After listening to some loud, angry music by some group (called the Renegade something or other of Funk) I told my teenaged son that I was starting my own group. That was some years ago, and we've actually never gotten together and rehearsed. These things do take time. At any rate, I have a great nicknmae- 'V'-dog ( V is the first letter of my last name) Now if I can just get a personalized tiara made with 'V-dog' spelled out in rhinestones, I'll be all set. Hey, fellow Moms... what nickname shall we use for you? I've already spoken to the Vickster. Rhinestones for everyone, I say!


pjs said...

hmmm.... not practicing may have something to do with the fact that not ALL of us are musically talented and PLAY something!!..?? (although I think flute is a long stretch for the renegades of anything...? you may have to give that up for something REALLY wild like- the violin- or -?- perhaps the BASOON!) (it must be wild- i can't even SPELL bassooooon!)

Or maybe it's that we live in three diff. states?

BTW- I've been told that you need another 'g' to be a REAL 'V-dogG' (or is that an 'awg'?)

laters, J-dawg... J-dogg...

Muum said...

you are obviously the brains of this outfit!