Monday, July 30, 2007

GIRL'S weekend

This past weekend was our 4th ( I think 4th ) annual Girl's weekend, my adult daughters and I get together and do crafts, stay up late talking, make goals, and generally have fun. This weekend was particularly great! I was very touched by the thoughtful, lovely gifts- Sassy and Edge made some lovely T shirts for our event, and 3rd daughter gave lovely lotions as a gift.The Sass made each of us a lovely embroidered towel (except I got two!).
We learned how to bind our own books, (I've lost mine! Who has it?) and make gift boxes out of paper.

We learned how to make beaded earrings.All in all, a pretty crafty weekend. Edge and I went early Saturday morning to see a nearby garden, with lots of great stuff (will post the highlights laster). Lots of good food, good conversation, great company, and fun! Plans are already underway for next year's get together!


Kylee said...

Oh! That looks like so much fun! With our older daughter just being married last year and our younger one getting married next May, this would be a wonderful tradition to start! You've given me ideas! :-)

I'd love to know how you do your books...

Muum said...

They are simple, I'll see if I can find where mine ended up, or maybe one of my daughters (hint, hint) can post a pic on their blogarino?