Wednesday, April 16, 2008

bargain purses -dare to be different!

I carry fairly big purses. I have a lot of 'stuff' I like to have with me. That said, I also hate to spend much on them, so I check the clearance racks for deals. I like to pay $6 or less for a new purse. It has been a while since I found any at that price, but wanted to show you some of my recent finds.
These two purses are identical in style, just different colors. One of the things that tickled me was the label, which says 'Dare to be Different'. I'm just sayin', here, but these don't look

very 'au courant' to me- they look like something a MAM (middle-aged Mom) would use. That said, I really do like them, and am looking forward to using them. Here is my last

find. I think I'll change over to this one right now. Dare to be different, I always say!


A wildlife gardener said...

I'm a bag girl too! I love to buy a new one... maybe twice a year...and can't bear to throw favourite ones they end up holding things in my wardrobe :)

Fancy a Hokey Cokey? You will need a wiggly tail... :)

Zoey said...

You got some great deals! I just bought two new purses and I thought I got good deals at $10 - $12.00. You did even better!

Aren't purses getting ridiculously priced? The ones I bought were regularly priced at $49.50!! When I saw them marked way down in the outlet store, I jumped on the deal.

I do love a bargain!

Jewelgirl said...

Hello Muum! I have a little
award waiting for you at
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(Hugs) Jewelgirl

Rue said...

I think those are really cute! MAM?! Bologny!

Have a great night,
rue :)