Monday, April 14, 2008


Things are still pretty sparse around here, but we do have some things blooming. I've already mentioned the violets, and the crocuses, but the pasque flowers are popping out-

The hyacinths are starting to bloom, we have several colors, but this light pink one is a current favorite of mine.

The daffodils have just begun to bloom-look closer-

you can see a little spider peeking out!

This daff is called 'gentle giant' or 'lion something a-jig' , I can't remember which-

This scilla always surprises me- I forget it is there until it blooms. It has a nice sweet fragrance.

Happy Bloom Day! Go see Carol at May Dreams Gardens to catch up on everyone's gardens!


Leslie said...

Nice blooms...looks like spring is showing up in your garden!

Needled Mom said...

What a wonderful "Bloom Day." I love hyacinths.

Melanie said...

muum, I love your scilia, I keep forgetting to plant them here.

Sarah Laurence Blog said...

Daff's always say spring to me. Yours are lovely.