Thursday, March 12, 2009

Okey-dokey! American Idol

American Idol is my 13 yr old's show to watch, not mine.
Being an endless fan of corny jokes, puns, etc... , I do have a fave this season:

DANNY GOKEY..............

If you've been watching, you may like this young man, too.
Let me tell you a few interesting details about him:
Do you know Danny's favorite dance?
-The HOKEY-POKEY, of course!
Did you know he has a twin sister?
-She is an agreeable sort, her name is ' Okey-dokey Gokey'.
Danny has another famous relative -
-His name is 'Smokey Dokey' , not 'Smokey the Bear' as you may have heard so many times.
So, stop groaning,
and let me know if you know any more 'facts' (or bad puns) to contribute. :).
Keep 'em clean, though.


Kylee said...

Muum, you are too funny!

I'm watching American Idol, too. While I agree Danny Gokey is very talented, his voice reminds me too much of David Cook's. I'm ready for a different sound from the winner this year.
There are several others that I really like and at this point, if I had to pick my favorite, it would be Alexis Grace. I prefer female voices over men's in general.

And so far, I think the American voters have gotten things right!

Muum said...

I think Danny looks like David Cook, too. Of course, in UTah we are still screaming for David Archuleta from last season...

Danny's favorite veggie???


Kylee said...


Hey, just ask Jodi (bloomingwriter) - I said I would have been just as happy to see either David win. I said that David Archuleta was actually probably the one with the best voice of the two. But it isn't just voice of course, that wins AI. I think David A. has a GREAT future ahead of him if he gets the right person directing his talents. He can sing just about anything!

Kylee said...

Oh, I wanted to add that I don't know that Danny Gokey looks so much like David Cook as he SOUNDS so much like him!

Muum said...

thanks, Kylee! I think both of those Davids from last season were topnotch, too. always great to hear from you.

Muum said...

ohhh-kay, a few more:

Danny's fave tree: OAK-ey

Fave state: Oklahoma, of course!

MrBrownThumb said...

You all are too funny. I haven't watched this season so I feel like I'm missing out now.

Melody said...

Hilarious! So cute!