Thursday, July 30, 2009

Garden Blogger's DEATH Day?!

A few weeks ago I found a blog that tickled my funnybone.

Katie, of Gardening Without Skills, has begun a timely tradition that can help

all of us as bloggers AND gardeners

face our failures with a smile on our lips.

(photo courtesy of USDA plant files)

As you may have guessed, it's called blogger's death day, and gives us a chance to admit ("I'm gardener Muum, and I've killed ten plants this week." 'Hello, Muum')

our failures and mistrakes.

So, here's mine. I started out with some cute buttercups, and moved a few to my 'spring' garden bed, thinking they would add color and interest after the spring bulbs, etc, had faded. This worked great for ONE year, and then the buttercups, 'dear, little buttercups' ruthlessly took over half of the bed.

My response was to try and dig them out, but they have clumpy, nasty roots, and root off of the stem, etc. So, I reluctantly broke out the roundup, because I've learned that it is better to head off an invasion earlier than later. In this pic above, you can see the results of my roundup attack.

Here (below)you can see the roots, as well as the lovely and attractive (said with a bitter and sarcastic tone) foliage.
A month has passed by, and I still have a few more to dig out. And a few that have come back after my offensive and are hoping I won't come back and get them. But I will. :]

Let me know in comments if you have a failure, disaster, etc that you are willing to post, and go see Kate's deadly blog.


Toni said...

Hi there! I just read your comment about BER over on Daphne's blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it!

Kate and Crew said...

Hi Muum! So buttercups are like mint are they? My mint participated in an evil plot to overtake my garden and refused to die no matter how mean I was to it. I hope you get your evil buttercups under control! Thanks so much for participating in Garden Blogger's Death Day!!!!