Friday, September 27, 2013

Heirloom and red tomatoes

Just a wrap up about tomatoes this year. We like Brandywine, pictured here:
 And I grew another heirloom-type, German Johnson, which was pinker in color, but had that usual odd-shaped fruit, and PLENTY of flavor!

 This last photo shows two 'Champion' tomatoes. They were okay, but not much different from Celebrity, which we grow every year. Our Champions didn't seem to produce as many tomatoes as Celebrity or another favorite, Utah's DX-52-12. Not much of a name, but a favorite here in Utah with consistent production and good flavor. 

For me, next year I'll plant fewer cherry tomatoes, and I will plant Lemon Boy and Hawaiian Pineapple again (two yellows). Brandywine, German Johnson, and DX-52-12 will be on my list, as well. I'll be shopping for Purple Cherokee, as well. I grew it in 2012 but couldn't find seedlings this spring. Ah well, next year! 

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