Friday, June 15, 2007

California Poppies

We have had orange CA poppies that wander around our yard for years. They are fun, pretty, and require no care.

Then this spring, I saw a package of 'Creamsicle' CA poppies at good old Wal-mart. I started the seeds in little peat pots, and planted them out a few weeks ago (in the pots, they don't transplant well). I like white flowers, too, and the first one bloomed today. I am hoping these will 'weed around' the yard like the orange (and yellow) ones do ! A small success in my garden.

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CG said...

Hope the poppies do well. I love poppies but have no success with them. Thanks for visiting my blog. You asked where in America I was visiting 3 nights in Chicago and the rest of the three weeks in Califoria.