Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Free plants!

Well, these are not actually for me, my Edgy daughter (pretend that links to her, ok?)and spouse bought some Aegopodium (Bishop's Weed) to fill in a garden bed. Then the 4 year old and friend had a mud party and pulled up a lot of it. They replanted it, and some of it is coming back (this is one tough plant!). I sent them some from my yard yesterday, but today I was walking home, and saw my neighbor weeding hers out. So I asked for it, and here it is, the deal of the day. You can't beat free plants, I always say.

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Emily said...

hooray! i'm so glad for her! i'm afraid i was party to the mud party -- i was babysitting and didn't know it was a bed w/anything planted in it. the kids told me it was just mud to play in.
*hangs head in shame*