Friday, August 24, 2007

Desert Four O'Clocks

This was one of my favorite 'finds' at the Jordan River Water Conservancy garden! In some places, it was so full and lush that it had hidden the identifying plant label. It is very lovely. As a native Mid-Westerner, I am very familiar with 4 O'clocks, my grandmother grew them every year. But these are lovely and good in dry ole' Utah, and just a bit different than what I was used to. I will have to get some of these and try them out for myself! This was a lovely sunflower in the Jordan River Conservancy garden's veggie garden area. I wish I had taken a pic of their artichoke, I had never seen one growing in a garden here in Utah before. This shot was actually taken by my son-in-law, who is a wonderful photographer. You can see more of his pics on his blog.


Muum said...

sorry about the underlining, no idea what I've done ...... too lazy to fix it, too..

Catherine said...

I love 4 o'clocks too...mine are yellow, and I have some that are pink and white...those look beautiful, beautiful sunflower also, and love the silver grey plants, I'm always on the look out for silver and grey leaved plants!!