Saturday, August 18, 2007


I have not grown balloon flowers much, I get a big kick out of the round bud. I just have one plant that almost gets lost in my 'spring' garden bed. It is one of the few things flowering in this bed now. Here's another round flower bud, my fall blooming anemone. (urg, what is it's name?) I am trying to figure out why it is blooming so early. Somehow it seems the summer has flown by too fast.
My daughter starts school on Wednesday, today we had a cool morning and a bit of rain! Now this fall bloomer has started to pop into bloom, the tomatoes are going nuts, and I am wondering again, how did this all happen so fast!


Anne Bradshaw said...

What lovely photographs. So glad I found your blog today. I was hunting for fellow genealogists, and the link brought me here.

We share the same color scheme for our blogs, although a different setup.

I blog about genealogy now and again, if you're interested. I also have a cool contest running until August 31st. Come on over and take a peek. All visitors most welcome.

Mark said...

Your anemone is a Japanese anemone, mine has been out for a few weeks.

farmingfriends said...

I love the balloon flower they are so much fun. When they burst open - they are pretty flowers. I bought one balloon flower plant and found that after the first year or so I could split the plant and I now have three.
Sara from farmingfriends

No Rain said...

I hope I get to see a balloon flower growing some day. They do look like so much fun. Are they always the blue-purple color?

Laurie & Chris said...

We like balloon flowers although the last ones we had got way too tall for us. Have a nice GTS.

Muum said...

no rain, I don't know if there are any other colors, I am just learning about this plant, myself!