Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More desirable silver and grey plants

At our visit to the Jordan Water Convservancy Garden, I saw some new (to me) plants with grey foliage that I hope to own some day.This plant is called Silver-Edged Horehound. I love the edges!

This one is called Partridge Feather, Tanacetum densum subspecies Amani. It had filled in between these two rocks in an extra dry part of the garden, so I am guessing it is a tough little plant. This next one is a groundcover called 'Pink Pussy Toes' - not blooming the pink blossom right now, but nevertheless, a nice, low groundcover. I'll have to get me some of all of these, don't you think?


Laurie & Chris said...

They all look very interesting.I love silver leafed plants.

Christa said...

Beautiful little ground cover plants. I like the first one especially!