Saturday, December 01, 2007

Garden Blogger's Muse Day - December

Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the flowers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the flowers gone?
Young girls picked them, every one.
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?
by Pete Seeger

Everyone knows this song, sung by Peter, Paul and Mary, and it matches my sadness as the snow is flying and I know it is a 'long time' until I am back in my garden. It is a good thing Christmas is coming.

It is hard to believe that I have a few roses still hanging around on December first. They obviously need to be thrown on the compost pile, but I am hanging on to them as long as I can.


Tim said...

Hi Muum,

I love Pete Seeger! What a great song to bring into a gardening blog! Thanks for your visit, we really appreciate it. During the night our temp fell down to minus five Celsius and now heavy snow is falling. Yes, we're also glad that Christmas is coming! We would like to invite all the readers of your wonderful blog to visit our gabriola garden by way of our blog. You can read all about our adventures in the land of grimy hands and soiled knees!

Happy December,
Tim, Sara, and the kids

Nancy J. Bond said...

I don't blame you for hanging onto those roses...lovely! And a wonderful verse to go with them.

It's a cold, blustery day here in Nova Scotia. Yes, it's hard to let the garden rest, but all Nature can become your winter garden. :)

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I would hold onto those beautiful roses, too... and they look so delicate that I'm glad you brought them inside, safe from the winter storm.

Wuttisak said...

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