Saturday, December 22, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday - 'white' poinsettia

I don't really grow these, of course, but I do love poinsettias. This year I have a lovely white one. We all know they are more of a yellow-y cream color, but still, it is something beautiful and blooming at Christmastime. I like the red ones, the pink ones, and the striped ones are starting to grow on me, but who can deal with those crazy purple-and-glitter-sprayed ones at Wal-mart??? not me! bah humbug to them, I say!


No Rain said...

I agree with you about the glittered up poinsettias. They are really an abomination! I love the white ones, probably more than the traditional reds.
Happy GTS, and holidays,

Kelli said...

I glittered ones for me! Your white poinsetta is just lovely!