Saturday, December 01, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday- a gift to enjoy

I have been wondering if Iwould have anything to post for GTS, and then thought I'd share the flowers my daughter and son-in-law gave me for Thanksgiving. I have enjoyed them every day. I love gerbera daisies, and the whole bunch makes me smile everytime I look at them. We'll see what next week brings. For now, I am loving the reds, whites and greens of this lovely gift.


No Rain said...

Lovely bouquet. I always like flower arrangements for the Thanksgiving table.
Every week I wonder if I'll have anything for GTS, and so far, some plant always accomodates.
Happy GTS,

Genny said...

hmmm thats pretty flower arrangement. I did not receive any flowers from someone before.

Mark said...

I to love gerberas, that was my post last week as it goes.

Emily said...

very pretty! they're the good ones. :)

MrBrownThumb said...

What a nice gesture. To be honest I'd never thought of giving flowers for TG.

bouquets make great photo subjects when it is cold outside. I'll be picking up a few later to pass the time away snapping pictures.

AmaryllisBulbs said...

Hey Mumm,

It is MBT again. I've answered your question in the comments form of MBT but I did it on my Amaryllis blog.

Hope it helps.