Thursday, March 06, 2008

Show and Tell Friday - children's pottery

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Today I wanted to show everyone some art work some of my children made and gave to me. The little yellow duck (?) on the left is of uncertain origin - I am pretty sure my son made it. Cute, isn't it?

The middle piece is the most recent, our youngest made it just this year. I love the decorative markings she put on it. She was not happy with the crack on the back side, but that is a small matter. Finally, the cat on the right has sat on my window sill for some time. I like this one because of the flower-pot color, and because she made it, which is true of all of these little pieces. The artist is embarrassed because she made it without any back legs (when she was about 8 years old!) but I really do love it!
Funny how fast they grow up, isn't it? Do you have any artwork you still keep that your children made and gave to you?


Hootin' Anni said...

Absolutely precious!!!! And priceless!!!

My Show n Tell is quite eclectic, if you haven't dropped by yet, do so. I hope to have you visit.

Happy weekend.

Short Stop said...

So precious. I cherish even the artwork my 3 year old makes. Adorable!

Linda said...

I love these sweet pieces. Gifts made with our childrens loving hands are treasures. Linda

Constance said...

I have a few of my kids things still. My favorite? My son made a horse with wings and called it a horsefly!

LaJuan said...

I also have lots of things that my kids made and they are now in thier twenties. I love to save notes that they have written over the years telling me where they are going or will be back. I have several christmas things that they made at school that I put on tree every year, it is amazing how long a candycane reindeer will last !!!!

Lora said...

What treasures! I love the sentimental things!

cherished*vintage said...

Those are special treasures indeed. Crafts made by our kids are the best!

Anonymous said...

How precious! I do have things my children made me way back when. They don't care for me to bring them out to show people though! :)



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Penless Thoughts said...

Precious items.

Barbara H. said...

Very sweet!! I have a file folder of drawings the kids did as well as a portfolio of bigger pieces.

Jewelgirl said...

I just recieved one of these
last week. It was a cat with
its legs splayed out - (like
Bambi on ice) it was totally
funny! Kids art things are sweet!

Annie in Austin said...

With time the embarrasing becomes the classic, right Muum? Stuff our kids made 20+ years ago sits on our shelves as nostalgic pieces now.

Since cats sometimes do look as if they have no back legs, your daughter's art proves she was observant ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Betty said...

I'm sure those things your kids made are very special treasures. I like the cat the best.

Thank you for visiting me today and leaving a comment.

Kelli said...

Precious treasures! These homemade things from our children are the best!

Lisa said...

oooh! i melt whith these types of the cat! and yes, i agree...the crack on the side is a small's pretty...the crack adds an extra flair...:o) there's a lesson somewhere in this...i'm very much like that cracked pot!...(is it supposed to be a creamer?) :o)
blessings, Lisa