Thursday, March 13, 2008

Show and Tell Friday - meeting a new friend

As part of my recent trip to Chicago to hang out with my Sassy daughter who was at the famous Diamond Headache clinic to get some help with her migraines, I contacted a blogger friend from Chicago and she kindly agreed to meet me at Chicago's Lincoln Park Conservatory. We met and had a nice tour of the spring show at the Convservatory.

In this photo, I am on the right, with the goofy look on my face. Carolyn Gail, of Sweet Home and Garden Chicago blog fame, is the lovely lady on the left. Here we are, having just met. I am enjoying the smell of this glorious wisteria, and hungry to see some more beautiful plants.
I won't show them all, but we saw banana plants, cocoa bean plants, a banyan tree, and many other delightful plants. There were a lot of great orchids.
This photo does the color of this orchid some justice, but it was a unique color.

Just to finish out the tour, we saw some lovely angel trumpets. I am liking these better and better, maybe I'll have to grow some myself!
I have been to Chicago a few times before. This time I noticed that you could really miss a garden if you didn't have one in the city. I also noticed the wind off of the lake, which is quite brisk. Maybe the wind explains why everyone in Chicago seems to be able to walk faster than me! It was great to be there with my daughter, and also great to meet a fellow garden blogger of such charm as Carolyn. We had a nice tour of the Conservatory, then checked out a few things at the zoo, and then got some warm treats at a coffee shop.

Thanks again, Carolyn, for your hospitality in the Windy City! It is always wonderful to meet a new friend.

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mrsjojo said...

Beautiful wysteria. I've never seen the angel trumpet flowers before, they are beautiful.
I hope your daughter gets the help she needs for the migraines.

jennifer said...

Love the wysteria. Glad that you had a great trip.


Penless Thoughts said...

How wonderful you got to meet a fellow blogger!!! Nice to share such a beautiful place.

Hootin' Anni said...

We had one of the angel trumpet vines in Tucson....but ours were white/creamy yellow. Wow...this color is gorgeous.

If you haven't dropped by my Show N Tell yet, I sure hope you do. Have a great Friday and Happy weekend!!!

Barbara H. said...

That wisteria is just gorgeous! I had never heard of angel trumpets, but they are pretty -- the look a lot like big morning glory flowers. Glad you had a great time with a fellow blogger!

Simply Heart And Home said...

How delightful to meet a blogger friend. :)

The flowers are so gorgeous. A welcome sight as winter ends.


Judy said...

I love meeting fellow bloggers. I am glad you enjoyed your visit.

Lisa said...

wow...what a treat!
that wysteria is gorgeous!
I'm hoping this will be the year mine was moved from my grandparents yard to mine a few years back...since the move, it has not on the east side of the house just as it was at their my fingers crossed!Blessings, Lisa

Muum said...

Thanks for your comments!

Barbara, angel trumpets are also called brugmansia and/or datura.

Lisa, we have wisteria here, and it took several years before it bloomed, so hang in there.

PamperingBeki said...

How cool! What a fun experience and great pictures.

Carolyn gail said...

Hi Joyce,

Thanks so much for your many flattering words! It was a great pleasure to meet you as well and we did have fun didn't we ?

I hope your daughter is on the road to recovery.

P.S. Couldn't you make me look better in that photo ? I think I'm scaring all your visitors.

nannykim said...

I love wysteria--they should be blooming here in a week or two--love the smell. Something about them makes me think of lilacs (which don't grow on this part of our state and I sure do miss them. The wysteria grow all the way up some of the big trees around here (well 1/2 way up)---so it gets so pretty with azalias, dogwoods and wysteria in full bloom. Can't wait. I would havt to live in Chicago!! HOpe the docs helped your daughter!