Friday, November 21, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award....... thanks to the Sass!

So, I've won an award! Those daughters of mine are so good to me!
(you don't s'pose this is a pity award, do you?)

As a winner, I will name 6 things I am grateful for:
1. my health
2. my thoughtful husband
3. my kids, g'kids, and kids in laws
4. friends
5. flowers and gardening
6. chocolate!
This is our thankful tree----
Each leaf is something we are thankful for. We add our leaves at dinner time.
So, now I'll name six other blogs that I enjoy reading to pass this award on to :
Kylee at Our Little Acre,
and Barbara at Motherof 8.


Carolyn gail said...

Hi Muum,

Sorry that I haven't visited you in a long time and thanks for the award.

In addition to last minute landscaping chores I've been busy becoming a first time grandmother to my new granddaughter, Lea.

Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving.

Muum said...

Carolyn Gail, I think a grandchild trumps bloggin anyday! Again, congrats!

Barbara said...

Thanks for the award. I will have to get to it later, though.

I love your thankful tree. In years past, we have done a thankful chain - with red, white and green loops which we work on through Christmas and sometimes beyond. We would have it looping around edge of the ceiling in the front room and try to see how far we could get it to go - around the family room? Never made it into the hall. The sticking point was not having a traditional time to take it down. It usually stayed until it started to fall apart of its own accord.

Congratulations to Grandma Carolyn Gail!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Thanks! Love the thankful tree. Maybe we will have to add that tradition this year.

Here's a new funny blogger to follow. The romance is made up but it's so funny you don't care.

Ilona said...

Love your thankful tree. Such a nice exercise in gratefulness.

Jennoit said...

Okay, that thankful tree is too cute.

I wandered over here via Mrs North of 60's blog who, I think, is connected to you based on northern gardens? But who knows in this web-wonderful world of blogs.

Kylee said...

Oh my goodness! I come over to see what you've been up to, and look at this! How sweet of you, Muum! Thank you.