Monday, November 03, 2008

tagged by the Sass

My daughter tagged me---
So here is the meme:
Post your 4th picture from your 4th file. Say a little about it, then tag 4 other people.

Here is my pic......

It is one of about a million I took last winter when we had so much snow and winter seemed endless (winter seems endless to me every year, though).

This pic features my hill billy homemade bird feeder (yeah, it IS an old shoe box w/ aluminum foil on it, Holy Homemade Craziness, Batman!)

Don't you love the aesthetically pleasing evergreen branches on the side?

OK, it will be easy to top this dorky pic, so I am tagging:

PJ at Sleeping Late on Saturday

Barbara at Motherof8

Lynne at her Somewhat Invented Life

and anybody else who wants to do something random.


Emily said...

way to go, muum! i say that a hillbilly birdfeeder is better than no birdfeeder!

pjs said...

hey- I actually did this meme! And I KNEW I had seen Lynne somewhere before- she left me a comment- and I see her in your comment section here!