Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Zucchini days continue

They keep coming, and now they've brought a cousin along !

My DH likes the yellow summer squashes much better than the traditional green zucchini, but I don't notice much difference, myself.
There is an old joke comparing zucchini to the manna the Israelites relied on, but came to despise for its blandness. I've googled, but can't find who originated that particular joke.
Zucchini certainly could've been manna, really. It multiplies rapidly, is bland in taste, and people do get tired of it.
I found one reference, along with a joke about locking your car doors in the church parking lot, at Feminist Mormon Housewives.
There is a tasty looking recipe in comments called 'Parmy Zuke Strips' that definitely looks worth making.
At any rate, here is today's recipe - a long time fave of mine. When I first got this 'recipe', I made it so many times that my DH said, 'please, no more!' I don't hear that from him much, really.
Summer Zucchini and Tomatoes with Cheese
(this one is not written down, but I think most everyone has made this at some time or another)
zucchini, sliced in abt 1/8-1/4" circles
tomatoes, sliced
garlic, diced
salt and pepper to taste
bread crumbs
mozzarella cheese, grated or parmesan cheese
In a skillet, saute zucchini in butter, briefly.
Add tomatoes and onions; let them cook a bit to cook off some of the tomato juice.
Add garlic and cook to soften garlic.
Sprinkle crushed oregano and thyme over the top, add salt and pepper.
Put bread crumbs on top, then
sprinkle cheese over the top. Cover briefly to let cheese melt, then serve.
Let me know in comments if you know the origin of that zucchini/manna joke, and I'm always looking for a few good zucchini recipes!

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donna said...

Oh, my gosh. When we lived at the lake, our neighbor would make this for us and I enjoyed every bite. We moved away from there in 1993 and I haven't had zucchini fixed this way in all those years. Thanks for bringing back a great food memory. I am SO going to make it for myself now. Will this comment make it's way to you? Let's see.