Tuesday, June 01, 2010

IRIS week is here!!! yes, it is...

White. Bland? not at all. I have two white irises in my yard. One was salvaged from the dump by my DH. The salvage irises are larger and taller, (on the right in the photo below),
and you can see the iris on the left are slightly smaller, with a bluish cast.
Same with the buds, in this picture (below).
Here is a closeup of the 'bluish' iris' fall. Don't you love the
blue veining? (One place where that is considered attractive, lol!)

This picture features the yellow-to-white beard on the larger iris.
Yep, I really do love iris. Here is a parting shot of the smaller iris opening. Gotta love it!


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

These photos are outstanding! I got eight starts from a friend last year. Only two are going to have blooms and I have no idea what they will look like. Iris always amaze me, that those complicated blooms can come out of such a tight bud, amazing! We've certainly had plenty of spring, huh? And two days of summer, which must have been a fluke. I'm amxious to see what else your garden has to offer.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi Muum. I love them and they are so pretty. I think white blooms in the garden is wonderful. White just brightens up a bed. The blue veining is so pretty and gives that tinge of blue. Very pretty. I have been drooling over a White Immortality iris that reblooms. It is on the never ending lists of flowers to get. LOL!

donna said...

When I see irises, I think of you. I don't grow them, but was inspired to stop and take pictures of some growing in a stranger's garden. I even posted about them. Now I need to get busy and plant some of my own.


Muum said...

thanks for your kind comments!
I am looking forward to seeing your irises(on your blog) when they bloom, Lynne.

Hocking Hills, you should see my iris wish list!

Donna, I'll head over and see what you've posted, awesome!