Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GBB Day for June 2011

One of the highlights of spring is the dogwood blooming. Here in hot , dry Utah, I don't remember when the dogwood has bloomed this late before. We've had a very cool and wet spring.
The yellow splotches on the leaves are the pine pollen from our Austrian pines.
Also blooming: mullein, IRIS!!!!!, allium, the last of the tulips, perennial geranium, thyme, vinca, IRIS!!!, and
did I mention, IRIS?
This is a 'space ager,' which I featured a few years ago.
Be sure to head over to May Dreams Gardens to see everyone's blooms today!

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Cynthia said...

You're a good gardener if you can keep a Flowering Dogwood alive in our climate- they hate it here! LOL! Lots in bloom right now. My yard is filled with blue, yellow and red penstemons. I love penstemons!