Friday, June 17, 2011

Iris Week - Mystery Theatre, featuring 'Copper Lustre'

One of my new irises is "Copper Lustre."
It is a Dykes medal winner (1938),
with delicate coppery-pink standards and darker falls with veining and a yellow-orange beard.
Here is what Copper Lustre is supposed to look like.

Then we come to what I have in my garden, bought with the understanding that this is supposed to be a copper /pink combo:
You can see we are talking about something that is definitely NOT copper-y. Wine? yes. Purple-red? yes. but copper? no. So now I wonder what this lovely iris is called? Maybe I should just save some time and rename it myself.
Any suggestions?


Blackswamp_Girl said...

At least it's a very pretty surprise, Muum! Maybe you should call it "Copperwine" to go with the tale of how it looks vs. how it was supposed to look?

Muum said...

Thanks, Kim! Copperwine sounds like a good to me, and keeps the story with the plant.

Lindalou said...

It's still lovely, but you are right...there is not copper. I like Kim's suggestion.

Nice to see you are back blogging.