Saturday, June 18, 2011

Iris Week wrap up - 'Dear Dorothy' blooms

"Dear Dorothy" was a bonus iris from Blue J Iris.

I've ordered irises from them more than once, and always been pleased.

It's one of those 'too many colors' for my taste, but not bad, for a freebie.

Anytime an iris has brown, tan or copper listed as colors, I am a bit wary.
I have some yellow/brown irises that I love some days and hate on others (don't tell them).
Blue J describes Dear Dorothy as a bi-color with yellow-orange selfs (upper petals) and light powder purple (or almost brown!) falls with yellow orange edges and hafts
This closeup shows the light purple falls and yellow beard. Nice. Almost rainbow-colored in the range of colors. And, of course, 'free' is always nice.


Emily said...

I've been enjoying your iris week! Lots of pretty pictures. :)

Muum said...


Lisa said...

Beautiful Irish flower.

Lisa from Acoustic Guitar Software