Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thirteen Things that would make the world better:

1. no cal chocolate that was delicious!
2. lipstick that looked on the lips like what it looks like in the tube
3. a cheering squad for everyone
4. easy open containers that really were
5. a parrot on every newscaster’s shoulder- ‘awwwk! Partly cloudy! AWWWkkk! Higher deficit!’ This would add some interest and humor to the gloomiest news
6. kids who listened! (although, eventually, they do)
7. the internet without porn
8. more sharing, less hoarding
9. if everyone had their own theme song
10. lower gas prices!
11. more hugs, less snubs
12. more flowers, less weeds
13. finally, magic wands to fix health problems

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1 comment:

Emily said...

yeah and hooray! your list made me smile.

i especially would love a #13 right about now. ;)