Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday 13

13 things about me:

1 my kids have to help me blog
2 I have red hair, originally brown
3 I have worn glasses since the 5th grade, can’t handle contacts or surgery
4 I have hairy arms –so feminine!
5 I loove gardening!
6 I'm getting older by the minute! (but aren’t we all)
7 Yellow is my favorite color
8 A day without chocolate is a wasted day, in my opinion
9 I used to be shy, now, not so much
10 Picky about shoes, no I’m not, this is a takeover entry by my 10 yr old daughter WA HA HA
11 WEIRD EYEBROWS LLLL ---- ah , this is the kid who is not going to help me with my blogging!!!!
12 I snore like a buzz saw (sorry, DH)
13 my morning wake up routine includes checking my email and reading the comic strips on line


Emily said...

muum you look angry in that picture. i feel like i'm in trouble....

but seriously, didn't your favorite color used to be 'rose'? i thought it was.

Muum said...

yep, that pic does look angry, but I couldn't edit that or the wrong eye color.. and yes, my favorite color changed, it's Katie's fault!

Edge said...

Ha! Awesome, Muum. My 13 are up! Make yourself a dang QUESADILLA!