Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday 13----- Insomnia!

can't deal with the code stuff, just hoping to make a quick insomnia list!

13 things I do when I can't sleep:

1. Hey, I go thru the alphabet, too, and list colors, plant names, family names, etc.. hopefully boring enough to go to sleep over.
2. Sing the 'books in the old testament' , 'books in the new testament' books, too.
3. move to the couch
4. this is always bad- go play solitaire on the computer and check my email
5.snuggle up to my husband and try to lie really still next to him
6. review all the places I've lived, go thru the floor plan of the house/apt - tres boring!
7. put lotion on my feet and heels, if they are itchy!
8. read a bit, usually the scriptures
9. go visit the temple in my mind, review what I wear there, picking up my bag, driving there, going in, etc.... helps me feel calm and relaxed
10. pray
11. try to relax, and it doesn't work well for me, either
12. if something's bothering me, I pick it up and throw it in a big box, to look at later, or hand over to Someone else! My latest box has a big R on it for resentment, and features big pokey sharp things sticking out from the sides.
13...... uh, ? guess this is really a Thursday 12!


Emily said...

yay thursday 12!!

i usually don't have any problems sleeping; only when i have this headache. :)



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Edge said...

My TT are UP!