Thursday, May 11, 2006

White Bleeding Heart

Ah, I was afraid this little plant had died last summer!!! It was newly planted thing, then, and I knew bleeding hearts 'disappeared' after they bloomed, but I thought mine was permanently gone. Not so! Yahoooo!


Emily said...

they're beautiful! i've only ever seen the pink ones.

so tell us about your birthday?

Muum said...

'twas lovely, except for the new crease ( too big to call it a laugh line or 'wrinkle' !) that I found by my eye! I tried to take a pic to blog my dismay, but couldn't get a good pic, too much flash. Dad brought flowers, ice cream, and a lovely cake, friends dropped by and gave me gifts, cards have been coming in the mail, and lots of good wishes from my lovely children.... :) all make for a happy day. plus I read a book!

Emily said...

hooray! that sounds lovely, i'm glad you had a good one, and can't wait to see you for mother's day!!!

pjs said...

What did you read??

Muum said...

y'know, the 5 people you meet in heaven - some smart gal told me about it!