Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What's for dinner Wednesday?

Ah, it is teach little sister (10) to cook week. We always start summer vacation with a burst of 'how can I make summer an educational time for my kid(s)', which always fizzles. However, this week she is learning to cook, and picked some entrees to learn to make:

fajitas (Monday)
homemade pizza - she has since nixed this and added chicken and dumplings to the list
ham, beans and cornbread (Tuesday)

So tonight , we are having..........

a beef roast with veggies

Why? because you have to make soup out of leftovers, of course!


Emily said...

she'll get something out of it, despite what she says. ... we all did!!

Edge said...

Empanadas!?! *I* want to learn how to make Empanadas!!! JK, Muum, you taught me lots of good stuff. GL to the shrimp.

Muum said...

ah, 'shrimp' found the recipe and wants to make it, I have never made it either, so it will be an adventure, we'll let you know how it goes