Sunday, May 27, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday iris mania continues

This is one of the pink irises that are blooming this year - 'Prissy Miss' or 'Sunday Chimes' or Cherub's Smile' - I am not sure, but I sure do love it! I am already planning and plotting about where to move irises to put colors together better for next year.


Tricia said...

Hey, I just tried to reply to your email about green thumb sunday and the email addy must be wrong as I just got an error message. I was trying to send you the full Green Thumb Sunday instructions.

When you get this comment can you scoot over to my green thumb sunday page

and leave a comment again - double checking your email, or use the send me an email link in the top left sidebar. Thanks!

Tricia said...

BTW very nice photos of iris'. I love iris' I only wish they lasted longer. :)

Tricia said...

I guess you can send with your email address but it's not letting me send you anything in return. I got an error message again. :(

I see that you do have the green thumb Sunday blogroll on your site now so you don't really need the email. I added you to the list. ... you can copy the logo's from any green thumber's post or page if you'd like. They were included in the email too (as links, not attachments).

skeet said...

So lovely and frilly! Just delightful!

visiting two weeks of GTS and once because life got in the way last week.