Wednesday, May 23, 2007


ok, I was poking around, looking at irises online, and have found what I think is the unique and ugly iris I posted about a few days ago, here is a pic from Schreiner's website, see what you think of this ecru and lavendar 'beauty' -

Here is the description from the online catalog:
Note Thornbird's dark violet horns extending an inch or more from the beards. Like talons, they create an appealing contrast to the flower's delicate shadings. These ecru and greenish tan shades are lighter in the standards and darker in the falls. A prolific bloomer, Thornbird often yields more than one stem per rhizome.

hmm, maybe not. They aren't really alike, I guess. I'll keep looking. I looked at mine, the standards- the top three petals (and I'm new to iris terms, so bear with me)- are a kind of blah peach color, the bottom petals - the falls - are a depressed yellow, w/ brown/lavendar-y shading. The beard is some type of orange stubble rising from a lavendar/purple base ?? all in all, not my favorite combo. If anyone really knows what this is, let me know! It must have a better name than 'ugly duckling' which is what I have christened it.

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Emily said...

i like ugly duckling. the thornbird's bottom petals are a lot more...striking that the ugly duckling's. for some reason.