Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Muscle in the garden

While I was planting the veggie garden (two weeks late!), my DH was commiting this carnage in the walking garden. Some dead stuff, volunteer wild fruit trees, and lots of weeds were taken out. You can also see mock orange trimmings,if you look closely. Hurrah! It's great to have some muscle on your side in the garden.


Laura said...

Hi, I agree it is great to have muscle when working in the garden. Unfortunately i don't have muscle and it takes myself and my mum (who is very active for her age!) to dig out the trees and stuff. :-)

Take care

Visiting from GTS.

Anonymous said...

Happy to provide the muscle!

Note that there was additional carnage this evening, with a total renovation of an overgrown tree-base planting bed and receipt of a huge pickup load of grass clippings for composting!


Mimi said...

Hope you aren't getting rid of your mock orange because it got too invasive. I just planted a mock orange this week!

Muum said...

not invasive, just leggy. And my amateur pruning efforts have not improved it, so DH took a whack or two at it. It smells too good to get rid of, I think