Saturday, September 22, 2007

GREEN THUMB SUNDAY old reliables finish out the summer

Iceberg roses weren't my favorite for a long time. I wouldn't say they are now, either, but we have two neglected Icebergs just outside our bedroom door, and they have bloomed all summer, despite needed the grass pulled out from under them. Maybe it is because they have been around a few years, but they bloomed and bloomed this summer. I'm becoming more and more fond of them as time goes by. Rain and cooler temps came today, they are predicting a low of 40 degrees, and possibly snow in the mountains. We'll see.


verobirdie said...

The day lilly in your banner is gorgeous!
And the icebeg rose brings back memories, I think my dad had some in his garden.

farmingfriends said...

The iceberg roses are lovely. I will look out for them as I haven't any white roses. Sara from farmingfriends

No Rain said...

Very nice rose bush. Are they considered wild roses? We're having cool weather today--high of 91, low 76. Glorious!
Happy GTS,

Muum said...

Nope, it is just unkempt in my yard. It is a floribunda. We have grown it in Ohio and here in Utah. I do appreciate the lower humidity levels here, lots less problems w/ blackspot.

Wayne said...

Icebergs were specifically bred for colder climates, so they tend to be quite hardy and floriferous, even as the seasons wind down.

(Just my attempt at grandstanding on floral knowledge!)

Kylee said...

Now Muum, if you ever decide to part with those Icebergs, I know where they would have a good home! ;-)