Tuesday, September 25, 2007

There's no place like home

I was visiting one of my favorite places on line, Our Little Acre, and enjoying the visit, as always, when I saw a familiar place, Bear's Mill, in Darke County, Ohio. I was raised in Darke County, and our family visited Bear's Mill often, my grandmother grew up near there, and Zion's Cemetery on St. Rt. 36 has several of our ancestors buried there. I am related to the Cromer family, one of the families that owned and ran the mill.

On one visit, my grandmother noticed an old tool on the wall, and said 'that one is ours! They borrowed it and never brought it back!' (I was afraid she was going to climb up and get it! Ack!) I have not written much about my love of genealogy and family history. I became interested as a teenager, and had some great experiences 'finding' my family. The fact that they had lived in the same county for 3 or 4 generations did make my search relatively easy. (bad pun).

My sister is a lot more computer savvy than I am. She put together a great website with our family tree on it at http://elizabethsattic.tripod.com/

Thanks, Kylee, for a great walk down memory lane!

This short clip (I couldn't find any .jpegs) shows my youngest daughter, K, in front of Bear's Mill.

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Kylee said...

How VERY cool!!!! I loved our trip there and plan to go back! Next time I'll take my husband. He loves places like that. It's not all that far away either. Just a little over an hour maybe.

Darke County has so many neat things going for it. I want to go see the sculpture garden, too!