Thursday, September 27, 2007

Shoes! I bought new shoes!

I am an 'old' lady - I switched over to flats over ten years ago. My feet hurt if I'm not wearing tennis shoes with some good support in them. My mother and my sister have both had foot surgery, but not me (yet). Sensible shoes and I are like peanut butter and jelly.

These black, strappy heels are the only pair of heels I own, with an inch heel. They go nicely with a red, two piece outfit I own that has black bows as trim on the jacket (it really is nice, I promise!). I would never have bought them (I don't like to shop for shoes at all, really) except I was on a trip last year or so with my daughter, the Sassy Lime, and she talked me into these very cute (if uncomfortable) shoes. I wear them when I'm trying to look really cute. I have short, narrow heeled, wide at the top feet (one shoe salesman said I had feet like a duck), and there just aren't too many shoes in my size - 6 1/2 wide.

I've been very pleased to see that flats are 'in' now, and determined to stock up before they go out of style. So I went on a rare shoe shopping trip, to get some shoes for the 11yr old, K, and to look for some flats for myself. And I found a pair of dressy black flats (with some glitter on the sides that you can't see) and a pair of Barbie-pink shoes, with heart cutouts. I have to admit that I own a pink suit (it was on clearance!) and these shoes go with it perfectly.
I couldn't bring myself to buy the pink ones, so I bought K's shoes, and the black pair for myself. The next day I was still thinking about those crazy pink shoes, so I went back and bought them. They are a bit over the top, aren't they?
Edge and I are now challenging the true shoe hound of the family, Sassy Lime, to post about her lovely shoe collection and love of shoes - c'mon Sass, let's see it!


Emily said...

your challenge has been duly noted...

i'm considering a new series; footwear friday. :)

verobirdie said...

My feet are a bit like yours, so you have my sympathy :-)
You seem to think that your pink shoes are a bit too much. What about those? (I'm 50 and they are mine)

Aimee said...

I had surgery on both of my feet so heels have been out for some time now... not that I ever really wore them. I like flats, and am also very happy that they are en vouge. :)

Beth said...

Hi Muum! I bought a pair of dressy black shoes yesterday. They are t-strap mary jane's, combo patent leather and (faux) suede with a heel of about 1-1/2 to 2 inches. I'm small so I like some heel in a dressy shoe but I look ridiculous if the heel is too high. I have size 5 to 5-1/2 feet so it's hard to find shoes; a lot of stores only start at size 6. I also have wide feet. In modern dance class in college one time the instructor had the class gather around and admire my feet; she said they were perfect for dancing because so much area came in contact with the floor. I've had more respect for my "Fred Flintstone feet" ever since!