Saturday, November 10, 2007

GREEN THUMB SUNDAY I'm feelin' the love!

One of my favorite plants is (are?) irises. My DH knows this, and also knows how much I like spring bulbs.
And we both loove a good bargain.
So I was not totally surprised when he brought home some half price bulbs (the box is full, don't'cha know)
However, he outdid himself when he called from work on Friday to say he'd seen an offer for free Iris on Craig's List.
I thought he'd bring me home four or five tubers, but, no! He filled his car's trunk with these freebies, two colors, light purple and dark purple, and now they are all mine.
I'm a lucky woman, I think. I'll probably pot most of these up (until I run out of pots, that is).
Happy GTS!


ACey said...

Wow! You're going to have quite a feast for the eyes next April and May!

No Rain said...

Good luck with the bulbs. They should provide a beautiful spring garden. Happy GTS,


farmingfriends said...

Wow what a lot of bulbs - I love irises too. sara from farmingfriends

MrBrownThumb said...


You're lucky. I wish I had someone to buy me discount bulbs and find me free plants on Craigslist. LOL.

Congrats make sure to get him something extra nice for Christmas.