Wednesday, November 07, 2007

this and that

I finally got my dining room chairs re-covered. My DH had helped me cover them a few years ago, and we Scotch-guarded the fabric, thinking they would be easier to clean. That was a futile effort. They didn't clean up well at all, and were a solid color. Things were pretty ugly, and efforts to clean them just resulted in bigger, splotchier looking stains.
I put this lovely fruit-and-floral fabric on last week, again, with help from DH. Didn't bother with the protective Scotch -guarding. I have hopes this will look better, longer.
I was wandering around in blog-o-space, and found a fun website; A Time for Everything.
This blogger has a great web-site, and recommended going to Wal-mart's website with free samples -

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Emily said...

the chair looks so good! i like it. :)