Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Endless snow !

I've mentioned before that we've lived here in Utah (on the 'bench' at 5,000 feet) for 7 years. We've seen some pretty good snows. We need the snow so we have enough spring run-off for the reservoirs, Utah is a desert, after all. However, we've been blessed with plenty of snow these past few weeks. This first picture was taken on Christmas day, when we had a total of 12 inches of snow, over a period of a few days. (the ruler that you can see sticking out here is still out there, buried somewhere in the snow-we'll find it in the spring.) So we put a yard stick in the yard. It actually measures 48 inches instead of the usual 36. Although it is hard to see, by January 6th we had a net measurement of 14 inches. The snow tends to compact somewhat, so even though we got more than 2 inches, that is our measurement for Sunday.
We actually got about 6 inches or so that day, trust me, my achin' back knows, after two sessions of shovelling that day.

This is the yard stick showing the new snow we got this morning. At 8 a.m., we had gotten 11 inches on the driveway.
This is the birdfeeder, such as it is. I cleared it off twice today so our little finches and chickadees could get to the food.
Yeah, I can't read this, either.

Let's get in a little closer. Oh, it reads at 30 inches!!!!! Bottom line, it has snowed all day, I've never seen it snow this much here before. We spent a lot of the day shovelling the driveway, and the sides of the driveway are piled so high, we can barely throw the snow up there. We estimate we got 24 inches today. Crazy...

Here is the 12 year old, trying to knock some of the snow off of the tree.
Lots of effort, as you can see.

Happy Winter, everyone! We are hoping they are just kidding about the additional 2 - 3 inches we are s'posed to get tonight.


Trula said...

Oh my! that's a lot of snow. I know you guys need it but WOW. We have been having a few days of spring-like weather but snow is coming back soon.

I like the pics of your 12yr old! She looks very determined :)

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Oh goodness! I know I couldn't handle that much snow. I lived in Colorado as a child and teen and had snow like that before. Don't ever wanna do it again. I can see what you have Hawaii Fever. ;)

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Emily said...

wow. that is much more than we got here. crazy!

chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

You must have gotten the storm that hit us last weekend.
Let it snow.
Let it snow.
Let it snow.

Jean said...

Your poor back!! We are also having spring like weather and all our snow has melted. They are actually picking up the leaves they never got to in the fall. Stay warm and safe!

No Rain said...

It's amazing to see this much snow! It always looks so pretty, but I think I'll stick to Phoenix in winter.

Shady Gardener said...

Thanks for visiting me. I just HAD to see your photos! Very impressive. Hope you have groceries enough to last awhile! ;-)

Great photos. I'll visit again. I didn't even know rosemary bloomed. :-)

Sammakko said...

These pictures remind me of my childhood... It used to look exactly like that here in Finland in winter! But now winters like that are rare. It's a pity, I miss the winters.