Sunday, January 20, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday early Jasmine bloom

Well, it is a great surprise to see that my pink Jasmine is about to bloom! It is sitting in front of a window with it's larger cousin, glad to be in out of the cold. Yahoo! I love the wonderful smell of jasmine. Don't know why it is blooming so early, but I am not complaining. Happy GTS to all!


Genny said...

It is good that your jasmine bloom. Good for you and happy GTS.

No Rain said...

After the strange year we've had here, I quit trying to figure out why things were blooming or not, and why at the wrong times. Now, I just enjoy whatever is happening and don't think about it. Happy GTS,

Sammakko said...

Muum, your "shipment" has arrived - it is snowing! The world outside looks suddenly so bright again. Happy GTS!
- Sammakko, Finland

A wildlife gardener said...

The perfume is exquisite :)