Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cat in the tree? a Dr. Seuss moment

The place where we live
has many tall treesAnd when I look out
To see what I see,
I may see some jays
screeching in the trees.
I may see a hawk,
or perhaps a magpie.
It's true, it's true!
I do not lie.
But there was a day
Not so long ago,
When I looked out my window
And a surprise I did see.
A cat in the tree? Oh,
how could this be?
Oh, look, look and see-
It really, oh really is,
a cat in a tree!


Emily said...

that is crazy! what on earth is it doing up there?

Muum said...

I think it was hunting for birds??

Jean said...

Cute post!

Edge said...


Barbara said...

I enjoyed both the "horrible poetry" and the pictures!