Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day, and - so what should I wear to the dance?

Happy Valentine's Day to all ! This is a decorative dishtowel I have hanging up for February. I haven't really done any other decorating, lame, I know.
I am getting ready for my Valentine's date with DH- I have a pink silk suit, that I like. I plan to wear it to the church dinner/dance on Friday night. I got it at a bargain price, and like it a lot.
It has a few drawbacks; it wrinkles easily, and it is a very Barbie pink- the pics make it look redder than it really is. But overall, it is cute and I enjoy wearing it. I haven't shown the skirt, it is just a straight skirt that hits me a bit below the knee (a fave length for me). Keep in mind that I am not a very fashionable gal, jeans and a knit shirt are what I wear most days, and even when I 'dress up' my goal is to look 'ok', I know I'm not hitting 'stylish' in my wildest dreams! I'm 5' 2" tall (or short!) and wear the average size of U.S. women - a 14. It's still fun to plan an outfit and see how it all turns out. Follow along, and be ready to give some advice at the end.

I'm planning to wear the pink shoes in this photo, they really do match, and I love the cute bows on the front.
Now for the 'advice needed' part - I have a plain white blouse that will barely show under my jacket -
AND I have this blouse, with collar and ruffled front. I like this blouse a lot, but, truthfully, it is most useful as a pirate shirt (I wore it for Halloween) and looks a bit too 'busy' on my short body. I don't like the collar,either, but I love the ruffles, and figure Valentine's is a great time to be a bit over the top.

So, what do you think? (Daughters, I am esp. asking for your advice, here!) Should I go simple with the plain top, or mess with the ruffles and collar?
Here is another question - what jewelry to wear? A necklace is a good idea with the plain top, I have some pearls and other necklaces.

I really like the light pink heart earrings,(they are just to the left of the pearls) but can't wear them with a lot of other jewelry.

Take a minute and tell me what looks good to you. (If you don't like anything, then feel free to say nothing at all, I'm not up for a lot of criticism today!) At this point I am leaning towards the plain blouse w/ pearls and pearl earrings (which I didn't show).


Emily said...

i actually like the ruffled blouse -- i think it's really pretty. if you wore that (the ruffled blouse), i'd go simpler on the jewelry, maybe just earrings and a bracelet? hopefully this helps and doesn't just complicate matters. ;)

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I vote for the simple blouse. I have the same problem you do... not because I'm short, but just that for some reason a lot of collars tend to overwhelm me visually.

Plus, it's Valentine's Day, right? Shouldn't you wear the shirt that barely shows through, just to intrigue your hubby and make him wonder just what (if anything) you have on underneath that silk suit?! ;)

Blackswamp_Girl said...

(By the way, re: your comment on my blog, maybe I would like pink if I didn't look so terrible in the color myself! lol.)

Muum said...

Black swamp girl, you make me laugh! Rethink the pink thing, add some of that black swamp color to make a very sophisticated compbination!!!How does it smell, is the next question,lol..........